More than 40 years in Criminal Justice built on Justice, Fairness and Integrity



Violent Crime Reduction

    • Hold violent criminals accountable
    • Increase identification and treatment of mental health, drug and alcohol abuse-related issues to prevent escalation to violent crime. 
    • Work with community partners and law enforcement to create proactive, crime prevention strategies
    • Improve analyzation of violent crime trends to provide appropriate resources to the affected communities.

  Criminal Justice Reform 

    • Work to End Juvenile Transfers to Adult Prisons
    • Form a Conviction Integrity Unit 
    • Increase use of Diversion/Deferment 
    • Promote Implementation of  Restorative Practices 
    • Timely production of case information
    • Increase Community Outreach 



  • Increase communication with victims
  • Increase assistance for victims.
  • Release Detailed Public Reports on Crimes 
  • Conduct transparent, independent, and fair investigations into police use of force
  • Improve quality and productivity through training and technology.

More than 40 years in Criminal Justice

      • 15 years as U.S. Department of Justice Prosecutor
      • National Advocacy Center Criminal Law and Civil Law Instructor 
      •  Worked under U.S. Attorney Generals Janet Reno and Eric Holder, among others.
      • Proven record of developing and implementing effective crime reduction strategies. 
      • Federal Civil Trial Attorney
      • DOJ – Leadership Academy Facilitator.
      • Former MPD Officer
      • 30 years of experience practicing law in Tennessee
      • Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, attorney
      •  Restorative Practices Trainer
      • Adjunct Law Professor, University of Memphis

Always in service, always for the community.

    • Sunday School Teacher
    • Parliamentarian, Shelby County Democratic Party 
    • Democratic Women of Shelby County.      
    • Domestic Violence Designee with the Tennessee Supreme Court under Rule 31.                 
    • General Civil Law and Family Law Listed Mediator
    • Panel Member on the list of Mediators for the Western District of Tennessee, since 2014

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